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Because of the success of the Neurotherapy Centre, we have been approached by people with some unique issues. In general, however, we work with, and provide neurofeedback therapy for people suffering from:

Anxiety & Stress

Neurofeedback has been used for assisting with problems associated with Anxiety and Stress since the 1980's, with extremely effective results. Using neurofeedback, we are able to achieve calmer brain states through reconstructing these patterns of anxiety and stress.

Anxiety & stress symptoms appear in so many different ways and both come with psychological and physical symptoms.


Poor Performance

At Brisbane’s Neurotherapy Centre, we believe a person’s performance is not purely physical. Cognitions and mental processes play an integral part in performance, affecting things like decision making, attention and reaction times. We are committed to the belief that physical and mental performance work together in a symbiotic way.  Through neurotherapy, we work with you to provide not only good mental performance, but the attitude to improve physical performance even further.


Post Traumatic Stress (PTSD)

One of the challenges for any person with PTSD is the thought of having to share the experience with someone or to talk about what happened, it can prevent someone from seeking assistance or interrupt therapy.  The mental health profession recognises this as avoidance. 

The Neurotherapy Centre takes a different tack. The aim is to correct the dysregulation in the brain.  It sounds very simple and it is.


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