The Neurotherapy Centre is owned and operated by Clinical Director Tamara Lorensen Psychologist, who is one of the longest serving neurofeedback practitioners in Australia. Here at The Neurotherapy Centre we provide a range of services including counselling and neurofeedback therapy to assist with common health problems.

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Anxiety and Stress.

Neurofeedback has been used for assisting with problems associated with Anxiety and Stress since the 1980's, with extremely effective results. Using neurofeedback, we are able to achieve calmer brain states through reconstructing these patterns of anxiety and stress. 

Performance Issues

At Brisbane’s Neurotherapy Centre, we believe a person’s performance is not purely physical. Cognitions and mental processes play an integral part in performance, affecting things like decision making, attention and reaction times.

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Post Traumatic Stress

One of the challenges for any person with PTSD is the thought of having to share the experience with someone or to talk about what happened, it can prevent someone from seeking assistance or interrupt therapy.

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About us

Clinical Director and owner of the Neurotherapy Centre, Tamara Lorensen has been practicing psychology and neurotherapy for more than 25 years and is the longest serving practitioner in Australia. She shares this wealth of knowledge in conferences and workshops around the world.



At Brisbane’s Neurotherapy Centre we use neurofeedback, psychology, counselling and mental fitness to help treat a range of common health problems. Working with professionals in the industry, we provide a holistic approach to wellness for adults of all ages.

Addressing issues through a variety of approaches.

We are not only interested in exploring & understanding our client’s problems, but also committed to addressing issues through a variety of approaches to ensure a great outcome for our clients. Areas that we help our clients in are the following:



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